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BX04 + BB-604SC
As low as: $ 11.15 (R)

BX04 + Inca-50-I
As low as: $ 11.40 (R)

GS with Danish-I (Double)
As low as: $ 11.65 (R)

GS with Danish-I (Triple)
As low as: $ 15.50 (R)

P03 + Boreas-I
As low as: $ 4.85 (R)

P40 + BB-604SC
As low as: $ 6.40 (R)

P40 + Stylus-405
As low as: $ 3.85 (R)

PB02 + Apollo-I
As low as: $ 5.90 (R)

PB03 + Tudor
As low as: $ 9.40 (R)

PB02 + Stylus-420
As low as: $ 4.40 (R)

PB03 + Saturn-I
As low as: $ 13.00 (R)

PB10 + Saturn-I
As low as: $ 9.10 (R)

BX01 + Inca-60
As low as: $ 6.45 (R)

TB612 + Apollo-I
As low as: $ 15.35 (R)

TB612 + Tudor
As low as: $ 16.20 (R)

WB01M + TW-522A
As low as: $ 12.85 (R)

WB02M + Terrific Timber-13
As low as: $ 16.95 (R)

WB01R + Terrific Timber-3
As low as: $ 10.50 (R)

WB02R + Terrific Timber-3
As low as: $ 15.65 (R)

WB05R + Terrific Timber-3
As low as: $ 21.50 (R)

WB10R + Terrific Timber-4
As low as: $ 20.35 (R)

WB10S + Terrific Timber-4
As low as: $ 15.30 (R)

48 Pen Black Sample Kit
As low as: $ 60.00 (x)

Our Values - Why We Supply Custom Pens

An incredible eye for what's next in promotional pens. A passionate drive to exceed expectations. For more than 25 years, we've worked to deliver the best possible branding experience, helping our customers express their style—not just buy promotional products.


Lungsal is a leading custom pens supplier offering compelling packaging, decoration, and customization for metal pens, plastic pens, and wooden pens. Since 1989, we've been committed to providing our customers with the best possible service—and to improving it every day.


This commitment has taken us from a small California importing warehouse to the leading promotional pens manufacturing we are today. We're proud to serve customers across all 50 states, Latin America, Canada, Oceania, and Europe. Distributors are served by live representatives in our office in Brea, California. We also serve customers online 24/7. And our factory, which operates in partnership with our office, gives customers in the U.S., Canada, and Latin America access to offshore manufacturing at considerable savings.


We believe promotional products is a business of optimism, and in that spirit we continue to grow and evolve. Free samples and free virtuals, mobile sourcing and exciting new product offerings allow us continued opportunities to serve more customers in more ways with a fresh, relevant product experience and inspiring style. The promotional market changes. Manufacturing changes. Our commitment to happy partners doesn't.