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2,600 mAh Flashlight Power Bank new
As low as: $ 9.30 (R)

LED Flashlights
As low as: $ 2.90 (R)

As low as: $ 2.35 (R)

As low as: $ 2.95 (R)

As low as: $ 3.40 (R)

As low as: $ 4.20 (R)

As low as: $ 3.00 (R)

As low as: $ 2.10 (R)

As low as: $ 2.35 (R)

Stylus-404 (Fidget Spinner Pen)
As low as: $ 1.85 (R)

Stylus-405 (Logo Light Up Pen)
As low as: $ 1.15 (R)

Stylus-407 (Logo Light Up Pen)
As low as: $ 1.15 (R)

As low as: $ 4.15 (R)

As low as: $ 3.50 (R)

As low as: $ 3.60 (R)

As low as: $ 3.60 (R)

As low as: $ 3.30 (R)

Delight-44 sale
As low as: $ 1.65 (R)

As low as: $ 4.80 (R)

As low as: $ 2.80 (R)

What Makes Us Different - Your Reliable Supplier for Custom Pens

Behind every promotional pen is a team: the group who enables consumers to realize their branding goals amid a sea of options by presenting solutions of value and uniqueness. Such was the team who helped found Lungsal International, better known as Lungsal, who took the risk of developing a completely new pen line in a completely new way.


Staffed with a team of visionaries, Lungsal boldly decided to expand into its own manufacturing in order to design its custom pens. The company set up shop in 1989, and opened its first warehouse soon afterwards. Lungsal began by sending representatives to Asia to acquire new items and see the latest promotional pens being made, these experiences and accumulated knowhow eventually becoming crucial to Lungsal’s own custom pens.


At the turn of the 21th century, Lungsal opened its own manufacturing plant and debuted its own unique promotional pen line, introducing the market to over 500+ lines of custom promotional pens. Today, Lungsal continues to create custom pens that add value and uniqueness to the world’s greatest brands.