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As low as: $ 12.50 (v)

As low as: $ 1.05 (v)

As low as: $ 0.35 (v)

As low as: $ 0.40 (v)

PB01GD new
As low as: $ 0.40 (v)

As low as: $ 0.35 (v)

Clear Plastic Pouch
As low as: $ 0.35 (v)

String Pouch
As low as: $ 0.60 (v)

Velvet Pouch
As low as: $ 0.30 (v)

As low as: $ 1.60 (v)

As low as: $ 1.00 (v)

As low as: $ 2.70 (v)

As low as: $ 4.60 (v)

As low as: $ 2.45 (v)

Executive Cardboard Box Series
As low as: $ 1.75 (v)

Leather Pouch
As low as: $ 1.10 (v)

As low as: $ 1.15 (v)

Executive Metal Box Series
As low as: $ 6.85 (v)

As low as: $ 3.00 (v)

Bamboo Pen Box Series
As low as: $ 4.45 (v)

Natural Wood Pen Box Series
As low as: $ 4.40 (v)

Maplewood Pen Box Series
As low as: $ 4.45 (v)

As low as: $ 7.05 (v)

WB10S / WB10R
As low as: $ 8.20 (v)

Custom Cardboard Boxes
As low as: $ 0.10 (R)

Custom Wooden Boxes
As low as: $ 1.50 (R)

Our Mission - Add Value to Your Custom Promotional Pens

Lungsal is a global promotional pen supplying firm and the world’s leading source for custom pens. Now in our third decade, we continue not only to grow but also to embody the same timeless sense of purpose and the constant call for renewal that embodies Lungsal since our inception.


Our mission is clear. We go deep to add more value to the market and have the courage to act. We bring the right people together to challenge established thinking and drive transformation. We work with our clients to build the capabilities that enable organizations to satisfy the promotional market with a sustainable advantage. We are shaping the future. Together.