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Blended Cloth Masks new
EQP: $ 1.95 (R)

Neck Gaiters new
EQP: $ 4.00 (R)

Polyester Masks new
EQP: $ 1.25 (R)

Turtleneck Gaiter Hoodies new
EQP: $ 32.00 (R)

Digital Thermometers new
EQP: $ 5.00 (R)

Infrared Thermometers new
EQP: $ 36.00 (R)

Latex Gloves new
EQP: $ 21.65 (R)

Nitrile Gloves new
EQP: $ 30.00 (R)

Vinyl Gloves new
EQP: $ 15.50 (R)

Face Shields new
EQP: $ 2.00 (R)

Head Covers new
EQP: $ 0.20 (R)

Isolation Gowns (USA)
EQP: $ 5.00 (R)

Nonwoven Gowns
EQP: $ 6.50 (R)

Nonwoven Shoe Covers new
EQP: $ 0.45 (R)

Disposable Face Mask new
EQP: $ 0.25 (R)

KN95 Face Mask new
EQP: $ 0.85 (R)

KN95 Medical Mask new
EQP: $ 3.00 (R)

N95 Face Mask new
EQP: $ 7.10 (R)

RFID Cards
EQP: $ 0.35 (R)

RFID Key Fobs
EQP: $ 0.70 (R)

RFID Wristbands
EQP: $ 1.35 (R)

Lenticular Bag Tag
EQP: $ 1.20 (R)

Lenticular Coaster
EQP: $ 1.10 (R)

Lenticular Mint Box
EQP: $ 0.80 (R)

Flag Stands
EQP: $ 15.00 (R)

Luxury Banner
EQP: $ 50.00 (R)

Dual Retractable Banner
EQP: $ 115.00 (R)

Economy Banner
EQP: $ 50.00 (R)

EQP: $ 1.65 (R)

EQP: $ 12.50 (v)

Selfie Stick
EQP: $ 6.70 (R)

Economic Slippers new
EQP: $ 0.90 (R)

Basic Slippers new
EQP: $ 1.40 (R)

Standard Slippers new
EQP: $ 1.75 (R)

Waffle Slippers new
EQP: $ 2.20 (R)

Premium Slippers new
EQP: $ 2.40 (R)

Company Overview - Your Reliable Supplier for Custom Pens

Lungsal International (Lungsal) is a promotional pens supplier renown for having the most discerning custom pens selection from its top-notch design team, including unique metal and wooden pens, creatively made touchscreen styluses, value adding plastic pens, timeless automotive accessories, extraordinary wine racks, patented lenticular products, and exclusive high-quality pen boxes. Lungsal’s signature sense of wit and style is manifested in its creative advertising materials, original product themes, and celebrated service team. Founded as a importer and decorator in 1989 in downtown Los Angeles, it became a manufacturer of high quality promotional pens for both international and domestic distributorships in the 1990s, renowned for discovering and developing new and innovative manufacturing processes and custom pens. Today, Lungsal operates in Brea, California along with a preeminent online channel, Lungsal.com, as well as overseas in its factory plant. For more information about Lungsal’s products, please explore its catalog on its website, or contact its sales department for a physical copy of a hands-on look into Lungsal’s world: a full-on introduction to Lungsal’s story, imprinting options, product selection, and production capabilities.