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Delight-6 new
EQP: $ 2.00 (R)

Delight-7 new
EQP: $ 2.40 (R)

Diamond-III new
EQP: $ 2.00 (R)

Diamond-III (Emerald) new
EQP: $ 2.20 (R)

Diamond-III (Pink) new
EQP: $ 2.20 (R)

Diamond-III (Ruby) new
EQP: $ 2.20 (R)

Diamond-III (Sapphire) new
EQP: $ 2.20 (R)

Diamond-IV new
EQP: $ 2.30 (R)

Diamond-V new
EQP: $ 1.90 (R)

Kelvin-IV new
EQP: $ 1.30 (R)

Kelvin-V new
EQP: $ 1.20 (R)

Klavier-V new
EQP: $ 1.40 (R)

Knight-102 new
EQP: $ 1.30 (R)

New Klavier-I new
EQP: $ 1.10 (R)

Plantagent-08 new
EQP: $ 0.55 (R)

Plantagent-541 (Ruler Pen) new
EQP: $ 0.65 (R)

Stylus-233 new
EQP: $ 1.40 (R)

Stylus-233L new
EQP: $ 1.45 (R)

Stylus-256 new
EQP: $ 1.10 (R)

Stylus-443 new
EQP: $ 1.30 (R)

Waffle Slippers new
EQP: $ 2.20 (R)

Economic Slippers new
EQP: $ 0.90 (R)

Basic Slippers new
EQP: $ 1.40 (R)

Standard Slippers new
EQP: $ 1.75 (R)

Premium Slippers new
EQP: $ 2.40 (R)

Luxury Slippers new
EQP: $ 3.30 (R)

Who We Are - The Quality Custom Pens Supplier

Lungsal may be the name of a company, but it is above all the name of a team who, for nearly a third of a century, has been supplying the promotional market based on expertise and quality, reliability and flexibility.


An importer then a manufacturer, Lungsal now possesses a completely integrated supply chain including all decoration capabilities. The key values remain the same: high quality and durability, stylishness and simplicity, efficiency and reliability.


An independent family business, Lungsal continues to live by its American tradition of craftsmanship by creating and manufacturing unique, functional, and durable objects. The company brings to the table thousands of different products in different materials and for a multitude of different promotional situations, all tailor made and all geared towards the promotional products market.