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Bamboo Pen Collection
As low as: $ 1.40 (R)

Bamboo Stylus
As low as: $ 3.60 (R)

As low as: $ 0.75 (R)

As low as: $ 1.40 (R)

As low as: $ 1.50 (R)

As low as: $ 1.85 (R)

Wooden Stylus
As low as: $ 4.65 (R)

Bamboo Pen Box Series
As low as: $ 4.45 (v)

Natural Wood Pen Box Series
As low as: $ 4.40 (v)

Maplewood Pen Box Series
As low as: $ 4.45 (v)

As low as: $ 7.05 (v)

WB10S / WB10R
As low as: $ 8.20 (v)

Terrific Timber-1
As low as: $ 3.80 (R)

Terrific Timber-1C
As low as: $ 3.80 (R)

Terrific Timber-2
As low as: $ 3.65 (R)

Terrific Timber-3
As low as: $ 3.90 (R)

Terrific Timber-4
As low as: $ 3.70 (R)

Terrific Timber-5
As low as: $ 3.45 (R)

Terrific Timber-7
As low as: $ 3.15 (R)

Terrific Timber-9
As low as: $ 3.70 (R)

Terrific Timber-10
As low as: $ 2.95 (R)

Terrific Timber-11
As low as: $ 4.20 (R)

Terrific Timber-12
As low as: $ 4.30 (R)

Terrific Timber-13
As low as: $ 4.65 (R)

Custom Wooden Boxes
As low as: $ 1.50 (R)

Our Philosophy - Practical, Unique, and Quality Promotional Pens

"Other pleasures fail us, or wound us while they charm; but the pen we take up rejoicing and lay down with satisfaction, for it has the power to advantage not only its lord and master, but many others as well, even though they be far away" Petrarch.


Lungsal’s philosophy is rooted in practicality, uniqueness, and value. Its language is quality, audible to all who get close to listen. Its signature is its promotional pen collection, visible to all who come into contact with it. With exceptional craftsmanship, quality materials, and intricate design, Lungsal’s custom pens speak for themselves, and on behalf of all who give them out, allowing their individuality and brand to shine throughout.


Lungsal honors its clientele’s need for a quality, innovative promotional source as expressed by its motto “your reliable supplier”. Each promotional pen is intended to enhance – and help define – a firm’s personal style and showcases any logo or art that identifies the brand. Using Lungsal’s promotional pens allows a firm to articulate their individuality and confidence. Each detail is of essence, be it the quality of the custom pens, the size of the logo, or the versatility of the product selection. Lungsal relentlessly pursues innovation in material and construction, ensuring that each item is both well designed and perfectly functional.


The signature collection of Lungsal is its distinctive promotional pen collection, especially its metal and wooden pens. Developed at the very start of Lungsal’s evolution, they continue to serve as the most recognizable promotional product, allowing for adaptation and reinterpretation in various colors, shapes, and coatings. The result is always the same – an unmistakable timeless expression of brand identity.