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LED Flashlights
As low as: $ 2.90 (R)

Blended Cloth Masks
As low as: $ 2.05 (R)

Headband Masks
As low as: $ 2.05 (R)

Polyester Masks
As low as: $ 1.35 (R)

Neck Gaiters
As low as: $ 3.20 (R)

As low as: $ 4.15 (R)

Nitrile Gloves
As low as: $ 3.50 (R)

Vinyl Gloves
As low as: $ 7.50 (R)

Latex Gloves
As low as: $ 11.00 (R)

Poly Gloves
As low as: $ 5.00 (R)

Face Shields
As low as: $ 1.20 (R)

Nonwoven Shoe Covers
As low as: $ 0.40 (R)

Head Covers
As low as: $ 0.25 (R)

Disposable Face Mask
As low as: $ 0.25 (R)

KN95 Face Mask
As low as: $ 0.85 (R)

KN95 Medical Mask
As low as: $ 1.75 (R)

N95 Face Mask
As low as: $ 2.85 (R)

As low as: $ 1.15 (R)

As low as: $ 1.45 (R)

As low as: $ 1.65 (R)

As low as: $ 2.00 (R)

As low as: $ 1.65 (R)

Our Journey

A leader in the promotional industry for over 25 years, Lungsal began its humble story in 1989, as a importer and decorator of wholesale and promotional products in Downtown Los Angeles. A quarter century later, the innovative craftsmanship and reliability that has always distinguished Lungsal lives on.


Constantly inspired by the wide possibilities of the promotional market, Lungsal has thrived in the growing market trends becoming a unique and valued supplier of custom pens and PPE. Over the years, Lungsal’s legacy has reached new levels of expansion and success thanks to the brilliant operations of its team, followed by the creative geniuses in its design department, who made Lungsal’s promotional PPE unique and excellent.


From the iconic blended cloth masks and polyester masks, to the techy multifactional stylus collections and flashy digital thermometers, Lungsal’s collections embody a timeless creativity that have established the company as a true and reliable supplier of promotional PPE, automotive accessories, and custom pens.


Part of the promotional industry since the 1990s, Lungsal is now active in all promotional products associations and continues its longstanding relationship with its distributor networks and supplier partners, which have deeply impacted its history.