About Us - Your Reliable Promotional Pens Supplier

Lungsal International is a unique firm. We began our journey as a promotional pens supplier in Southern California devoted to increasing the wealth of the gift pens industry. We have a singular vision back then as we do now. Lungsal endeavors industriously to invent custom pens designs and possesses the audacity to be artistic. We are a custom pens firm that trusts in the notion that gift pens should be imagined from a basis of thoughtful consumer feedback which in turn is filtered through a comprehensive design procedure to provide promotional pens which clients will sincerely appreciate. Through our collection of custom promotional pens we craft, elucidate, improve, stimulate & devise some of the industry’s most esteemed custom pens. Twenty years after we started, Lungsal has become an international custom promotional pens manufacturer and a front-runner in quality promotional pens in the industry. We still not only expand but also have come to exemplify the same enduring sense of resolution and the persistent call for quality gift pens, including plastic pens, that we have been providing ever since we were founded. We are the trusted supplier of gift pens for custom pens markets around the globe. Lungsal is constantly originating and discovering new methods to distinguish our custom pens and improve our manufacturing process. Our effective vertical integration into a factory lets us directly monitor the design and quality of our promotional pens, giving our customers an amount of flexibility few others will. We realize this by getting together the correct group of people to get creative and work for continual advancement. Moreover, our manufacturing facilities are always regularly obtaining new machines to better its capabilities to provide gift pens for our consumers, saving people from annoying headaches, from wasting time, and from wasting resources. We frequently connect with our customers with regards to coming up with new promotional pens designs and have our own design team on hand to bring those custom pens designs into fruition. Our engineers strive to understand the different needs behind every single custom pens design and communicate with the customer on to best fabricate them with efficacy and excellence in mind. These insights let us to outline new gift pens that will enthuse, sustain, and invigorate the promotional gift pens industry. We do all these things so we can expand the whole market of the gift pens industry, lower prices for our consumers, empower the attractiveness of our customers, and nurture long term professional connections. We band with our customers to build the competences that allow both of us to reach a competitive advantage in the promotional pens industry. We provide excellent custom pens together with all of our clientele.